Danstraining DansBlok


26 mei 2022


09:30 - 11:00

Dance Training Floorwork

DansBlok organiseert danstraining voor professionele dansers in Leiden.
We organize weekly training for professional dancer

26 mei 2022 – Dieuwertje Spek – Floorwork

Time: 09:30 – 11:00 uur 
Location: Tribes, Haagweg 4, doorbel 4F5, Leiden
Price: €7,50 for a single class, €70,- for a 10-classes card*

*Go to Dance Training to buy a 10-Classes Card or book this class if you already have a Class Card.

This contemporary class will be based on floorwork and simple acrobatic sequences. The connection with the floor is important in dance. We start the class with warming up the body using the floor, continue with research, development, improvisation and choreography on (and off) the floor. During the class we go through floorwork, with rolls, glides, spirals and simple acrobatic movements. Join the class and get comfortable with the floor.

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