DansBlok and dansstudio Tribes are offering another residency for young dance makers. Margherita Bergamo Meneghini is our second artist-in-residence. She will work from April 4 – 9 on her work ‘Eve 3.0‘.

About Margherita

She has been dedicated to contemporary dance and completed studies in Choreography in Barcelona after a professional career with the Italian rhythmic gymnastics team. She worked with the dance company Erre que erre from 2005 to 2010, and she was the artistic co-director of Les filles Follen from 2010 to 2015. In 2017, she founded Compagnie Voix, and in this framework she began a research creation on dance and technological applications. Her piece “Eve, dance is an unplaceable place”, co-created with Daniel González, won the Laval Virtual Award Recto VRso, the Grand Prix VR at the Kaohsiung Film Festival, and it is selected in the Catalog of the Digital Department of the Institut Français. She is currently enrolled in a research creation dissertation at Edesta Université Paris 8 & Università di Bologna.

Research 'Eve 3.0'

Psychosomatic experience through dance and with the use of virtual reality devices, to reflect on our extreme states of consciousness – with Veronica Boniotti (Seesaw Project), John Desnoyers-Stewart (Simon Fraser University Vancouver) and Daniel González-Franco (BeAnother Lab & Omnipresenz).

Each traveler embodies Eve to reach “extracorporeal” destinations in virtual reality, wrapped in stories written with movement, waiting to be relived. Eve invites us to take up a discourse that seems forgotten: that of empathy.

April 12 & 13, 2022: Recto VRso – Festival International d’Art Numérique in Laval (France).

Workshop + Work in progress

Margherita will do a workshop & a work in progress presentation of Eve 3.0! 

Saturday April 9th 10:30 – 12:00 h
In the workshop, Margherita will teach an improv based class, based on her work. The workshop is introduced with a collective warm-up of 20 minutes. During the first part of the workshop (30 min), participants will be invited to first group and then individual work based on the choreographic creation method of the piece Eve 3.0. During the second part (40 min), we will work on the interpretation, taking into account the peculiarity of the piece which is the interaction with the audience and the use of virtual reality supports. Participants will have the opportunity to understand how these supports work, even if the focus of the practice will remain the body and the stage structure, beyond the technology.

Saturday April 9th 12:15 – 13:00 h
Margherita will show what she has been working on. It will be an approximation to the creation work of “Eve 3.0”, consisting of a psycho-physical preparation for creation and interpretation: the creation of written stories re-interpreted in movement, and the study for the interpretation of the character of Eve. The work of interpretation is based on two axes: on the one hand the technological application of audiovisual and virtual reality supports, which shapes a specific staging and setting up a device to put in dialogue the real with virtual situations; on the other hand the interaction with the audience, the eye contact, the touch, the creative and emotional approach enhanced by the practice of improvisation.