DansBlok offers weekly training for professional dancers. We aim to organize a diverse, dynamic program of classes for professional dancers on a weekly base. It’s important to stay in shape and deepen your dance qualities. By training together we create a community of professional dancers from in and around Leiden. Our training is always on Thursdays. 

Training Information

Day & time: EveryThursday, 09:30 – 11:00 uur 
Location: Tribes, Haagweg 4, doorbel 4F5, Leiden
Price: €7,50 for a single class, €70,- for a 10-classes card
Schedule: See the agenda for the current dance schedule.

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Our Mission

DansBlok has a mission: creating a platform for professional dance in and around Leiden. Development and maintenance of your skillset as an artist are of great importance to present the best of yourself on stage. Therefore DansBlok is organizing dance training for professional dancers in or around Leiden.

The training in itself is a great help to stay in shape and deepen your qualities as a professional dancer. Besides that, we are building a community of professional dancers in and around Leiden. The classes are targeted for professional dancers, dance teachers, choreographers and everyone working professionally with dance practice like musical- and circus artists.

We also work with a circular system where you can apply to teach a class and earn credits to take classes in return. This way we can offer a wide diversity of teachers that bring different knowledge and techniques to the dance training.

DansBlok @ Sterrewacht Header 2 verkleind – Ignition – Éryn Nieuwint en Dieuwertje Spek ©Sjoerd Derine.jpg

DansBlok @ de Oude Sterrewacht

Ons derde dansevenement vond plaats in de Oude Sterrewacht op 30 juni en 1 juli 2018. Het publiek liep een route door het iconische gebouw.…
DansBlok @ Old School Header bijgesneden verkleind – Melted Blossom – Remy Tilburg en Robin Sybil Kroes ©Kim Doeleman

De Afspraak @ Old School

Tot 2018 heette DansBlok nog  'De Afspraak'. Het tweede dansevenement vond plaats op 17, 18 en 19 november 2017 in de Old School Leiden. In…